Monday, April 29, 2013

Advice for a First Anniversary Date

I love it when people ask me for advice about dating and relationships. I love sharing what I learned when I was single, and what I've learned since I got remarried. It makes me feel smart when someone asks for my opinion, and I am happy to help folks find true love--and to help their relationships grow stronger.

The other day a friend of mine (who I will call Hector because that's an awesome name and I've never actually known anyone named Hector) asked me for advice about an upcoming date. This is no ordinary date--it's the anniversary of his first date with Aphrodite, the woman he now loves and adores.

So far so good, right?

First Anniversary Date

Hector said he was planning to take Aphrodite to the same restaurant they went to on their first date. That's a sweet idea, and it's very sentimental in all the right ways. But if that's all he does on his First Anniversary, then Aphrodite is going to be disappointed.

Why? Because she's been there and done that. If Hector wants his woman to be happy, he needs to step it up. He can't do the same exact thing he did last year and expect Aphrodite to be happy with it. That's just not the way women think. If he does the same thing, she will wonder why he isn't trying harder.

(Ladies, if I am wrong about this, please leave a Comment and tell me so. But I'm pretty confident about this.)

Anniversaries Should Be Special

I told Hector the same old restaurant would be a great place to START his first anniversary date--for drinks. Then he should take her to a much fancier place for a romantic dinner. Make a big show about escorting her to the second restaurant--and do not let her know where they are going next. A women loves it when a man takes charge. All she has to do is enjoy the ride.

"But if you insist on going to the same old place for dinner, you need to up the ante by giving her a romantic gift," I told Hector. "You can't go wrong with jewelry."

Hector looked at me with wide eyes. "It sounds like I need to step up my game," he said.

"Bingo," I replied.

Other Dating and Relationships Topics

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