Saturday, March 1, 2014

Great Dating Advice Tips from the Internet

There’s no shortage of dating advice on the internet. (Including the dating advice website you’re reading right now, written by yours truly, Chad Stone the Middle-Aged Babe Magnet!). If you want to see just how much dating advice is out there in web-land, create a Google Alert for “dating advice” and you will get a recap every single day.

So here’s a quick round-up of some recent dating advice and relationship tips that I gleaned from the internet. Enjoy!
Dating Advice #1: Do not talk about your ex-wife/ex-husband/ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend on a date.

Those of you who have read my previous posts (and my dating advice book, The Babe Magnet Rules of Dating Over 50, ) know that one of my pet peeves is bad-mouthing your ex-spouse or your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. That’s just a really dumb thing to do when you’re on a date with someone new. It makes you look like a jerk. So I loved this story from HuffPost called “The Quickest Way to Crash a Relationship.”

Another popular topic of dating advice posts online is “inappropriate online dating pictures.”  You know the kind—a guy in workout clothes showing off his muscles, or a picture of him standing next to his sports car. Or how about a woman and her two little dogs dress up for Halloween. Have you ever seen any of these?

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Your Friends Set You Up caught my eye. Five reasons? Aren’t there more like 105 reasons in the annals of dating advice? Aren’t there at least a couple of reasons for every person you went out with that didn’t work out, even though your friend said you were “perfect” for each other? Sure. But there’s always the ONE REASON you might want to let your friends set you up. IT MIGHT WORK OUT. There’s no one right way to meet the love of your life. Here’s the story:

There's a lot of dating advice on the Internet. Some of it can be confusing.
And then there’s all the dating advice you could have learned over the years from the “How I Met Your Mother” TV show. There’s enough material here for several books. A recent web story covered some of the highlights, which are especially timely because the series is going to end soon. One of my favorite tips from the show is “Mystery is much more exciting than history.” That refers to how easy it is in the Facebook and Google world to find out WAY TOO MUCH about someone you’re about to go out with. Sometimes it’s more fun to find out things on your own. Check out this link if you like the TV show at all:

Best of all-- since these tips and stories were posted on the Internet, you know they are all true!

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