Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Have a Great First Date (Part 1)

Is there anything as nerve-wracking as a first date? Of course there is. A root canal is no picnic, and neither is a vasectomy. But when it comes to a social encounter with a fellow civilized human being, then yes, a first date ranks up near the top of the Industrial Strength Deodorant moments.

What should you wear? Ladies, here's a little dating advice: you want to look cute and maybe a little sexy—without looking skanky. A little black dress that might be perfect for a nighttime dinner date is probably over the top for an afternoon “meet and greet” at Starbucks.
A little black dress might be fine for a nighttime date with someone you already know well. But for a first date at Starbucks? I don't think so.

Should you wear lipstick on a first date? If you’re a woman—absolutely. Deep red lipstick for a daytime first date? Probably not.

And men, what should you wear? Some good dating advice would be to start with pants. Wearing pants on a date is always a good idea. Wear clean pants, not the crusty jeans you’ve been wearing all week. Don’t wear ratty, worn out shorts. And wear a nice shirt---no t-shirts and not some wrinkled thing you found lying on your bedroom floor.

What is it with men’s fashion these days, anyway? The average man looks so “casual” that, in previous decades, he would qualify as a total slob. Even millionaires look like slobs. What’s up with that? With all their money, they can get away with looking like slobs. But unless you have literally millions of dollars, show your date a little respect and dress nicer that you would if you were going out with the guys.

Can you say "Bad Hair Day?" Gentlemen, this is not a good look when you're trying to impress a woman.

Along those same dating advice lines, gentlemen, what’s with the bedhead hair? Don’t you own a comb? I love the line from the old Rod Stewart song, “Combed my hair in a thousand ways, but I turned out looking just the same.” Mind you, this is from the guy who invented the rooster hair look. But at least he TRIED to get his hair to look good.

Ladies, you need very little dating advice help in picking out shoes that are appropriate for a first date. Just don’t wear those GIANT wedgies that make you look wobbly and top heavy. Men think those shoes are really silly.
No, no, no, no, no!
Men, you need a lot more help than that when picking out shoes. A typical man will wear the first pair of shoes that he sees in his closet. Since he just wore his ratty old athletic shoes, those are the one he will wear to his first date. 
Guys, these shoes are SO CLOSE to working. But, no.

Gentlemen, for the love of God, ask a female friend for advice about which shoes to wear. I know you think this is stupid, but it’s not. Women will notice your shoes. You don’t want to be one of those guys who doesn’t get the girl because he was wearing ugly or stupid shoes.

OK. You’ve got yourself looking good (ladies) and looking just barely good enough (men). Now put a very small amount of perfume or cologne on. You don’t want to smell like the perfume counter at Macy’s. You want a faint, pleasant smell that doesn’t call attention to itself. Men, use about one-tenth the amount that you think you should use. Otherwise you’re going to stink up your first date with the smell of a gay man/wimpy metrosexual, and heterosexual women are not looking for gays or wimps.

Now you’re ready to walk out the door for your first date, but we’ve run out of time here at the Middle-Aged Babe Magnet blog.

Coming up next time: what to talk about and what you should NEVER talk about on a first date.

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